Rigorous archiver with nice GUI and bit version. A secure SFX is a self extracting archive requires no extra software installed. Find More Posts by Vytautas. But far not reliable as 7-zip. Here is your solution!

uharc 0.6b

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As compared with ccm and uharc this program compress data files more slowly but decompress faster speed order: The LZMA method decompresses quite fast and results in very good compression ratios. I do and I understand. Speeds in this test were recorded on one-core Celeron 2. I have looked at both licenses, whats wrong with them?

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It requires a password to extract. You may not vote on this poll.

uharc 0.6b

Text files are better compressed by PPMD, which is symmetric algorithm 1. It does an MD5 on the extractor right before extracting the archive, this ensures that the extractor isn’t tampered with and the user isn’t tricked into giving their password away.


Attached Files uharc sfx examples. Last edited by sag47; 19th December at I one really wanted to compress files with this format one could create a plugin similar to ZipDll. But far not reliable as 7-zip. Second table is arranged with similarly prepared data from http: Finally we have direct comparision of different archivers based on sufficiently typical data. If somebody like read more info about this format, visit these links: This means we can not integrate it nicely into NSIS.

uharc 0.6b

There are no plans to add other compression methods. Lot of features, GUI, speed and reliability — 7-zip. Incidentally all listed in this article speeds correspond to modern dual-core processors with 2. But it’s OK, if don’t like this format, don’t problem Total size of files uhxrc archive is limited to 2Gb. As far as I can tell it’s not open source.

Download the latest version of UHARC for Windows free in English on CCM

A secure SFX is a self extracting archive requires no extra software installed. OK, if it’s not possible, don’t problem Find More Posts by Joost Verburg.



Find More Posts by kichik. Inasmuch as compression method choice is based on file extension analysis it fails on files with unusual extensions and files without extensions. Here is an updated version that is slightly more secure. Code can be edited for use as part of a full software install. This test characterised by rather small sizes of compressed files and too large percentage of executable files of which half of test data consists.

If you like know more about this format, search in Google PS2: Supports all the modern features: Maybe you will 0.b6 more lucky I have compressed huge file setsbut I strongly recommend not to use WinRK. Find More Posts by rjstephens.