Cinema 4D R12 Supported plugins: Just trying to do a simple animation where some text falls and shatters on the floor. Making, Finding, and Using. I’ll describe exactly the steps I’m taking as per a youTube video. Cinema 4D R19 Supported plugins: Cinema 4D R14 Supported plugins:

thrausi 1.22 r13

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Just trying to do a simple animation where some text falls and thrausl on the floor. Close Thrausi down and run the animation, and nothing happens. Thrausi appears to do it’s jobs and calculates all the broken bits. Been following some tutorials on youTube, but still can’t this to work.

thrausi 1.22 r13

Cinema 4D R16 Supported plugins: This is where the problem is. The website will not function properly without these cookies. Cinema 4D R12 Supported plugins: Cinema 4D R13 Supported plugins: There are many releases for each plugin.


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General statistics General statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with the website number of visits, duration, device, etc. Tthrausi 4D R19 Supported plugins: In simulation tags set both floor and text to collider body. Hi guys, sorry for the noob post. AoB Sparkle Shader 1. Cinema 4D R17 Supported plugins: I was running Cinema 4d Broadcast not studio.

Now if I run the animation at this stage, the text falls to the floor with a nice bump. This topic is now closed to further replies. By StrontiumNovember 3, in Plugins: Load Thrausi and break the text object up into, say, 50 pieces.

In the text objects dynamic body tag parameters set dynamic to on. Cinema 4D R18 Supported plugins: Making, Finding, and Using. Any help would be most appreciated. Told you it was a noob question.


thrausi 1.22 r13

Create a floor and some MoText. What am I doing wrong. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Raise the text off the ground. Sign In Sign Up. Prepare your project Testimonials. Cinema 4D R15 Supported plugins: Go To Topic Listing 11.22 No registered users viewing this page.