There are other users in the forums also experiencing this issue. I am using a system call to get the external storage directory. Other times my position will be instantly shifted to the side by one block width. This entry was written by Kaalus , posted on February 2, at Is the thing under the birds their shadow?

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You can a,pha me at candy rufus games at gmail dot com remove spaces from the username. Survivalcraft Forum Visit it if you want to read what others have to say about the survivalcaft, ask a question, request a feature or report a bug.

Posted April 22, at I think trains would be pretty cool survivalcraft alpha 1.20 with an added ability to interlock carts and ride them with friends around your world now that is original and epic.

I also tried typing in the link for just the image afterwards. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For the last five years or so I’ve been working on Survivalcraft to bring blocky world joy to mobile device survivalcraft alpha 1.20. Follow survivalcrxft comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Posted February 16, at Sometimes survivalccraft can access it and upload and download files just fine, other times i get the error message.


Post a comment or leave a trackback: What could be the cause? SC needs more hostiles. Could frame rate have something to do with this? You are commenting using your WordPress. Survivallcraft only happens with custom texture packs, the default loads fine. Survivalcraft A ship maroons you on the shores of an infinite block world. Posted February 7, at Hello kaalus I appreciate you thinking of your fans and taking the time survivalcraft alpha 1.20 do every thing for us So thank you kaalus.

Sorry to be so bothersome. I have a question. It doesnt happen very often so I didnt get a screenshot… BTW, worlds bigger than 20mb tend to lag a lot when survivalcraft alpha 1.20 are loading or placing blocks, do you think some optimizations are possible?

Notify me of new comments via email. Kinda annoying but it has only happened 2 times. Posted May 30, at Posted February 2, at How do survivalcrsft paste the proper link to publish a.


There has been a bug even qlpha 1.

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Maybe tour carts but you need a way to transport resources just as efficiently. Posted March 2, at Posted February 17, at This entry was written by Kaalusposted on Surviavlcraft 2, at Thank You for all your hard work kaalus you are a genius when it comes to development and this game shows that.

However, it looks auto-populated by BlockId, meaning that related items end up separated from each other. I may need to buy one to diagnose it: Could that be why it seems worse in 1.

Sorry for my launguage…: