Message box is now slightly larger for easier readability. As you may or may not know DexDrive is a very quirky device and sometimes it just refuses to work. Extension left on the raw files will now be ommited upon saving. Product code, Identifier and Region now shown in the list instead on the toolbar. Added command line support per RedawgTS’s suggestion. Added comments support for dexdrive memory cards. Fixed a small issue with the list refresh function.

memcardrex 0.7

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Having problems with new build.

Fullscreen is always widescreen, no matter the resolution x, x No sound whe launching from frontend. Embed this content in your HTML. Settings are now stored in “Settings.

MemcardRex released

Xbox One Controller Help. Armoured fighting vehicle Armoured fighting vehicle. Fixed a major bug in the card formatting function. This version of MemcardRex was written from the scratch.

memcardrex 0.7

Saves can now be copied to the temp buffer and pasted to the memcarrrex card and slot. Fixed error with plugin menu showing plugins even if there is no card opened.


Right click menu added per Hard core Rikki’s suggestion.

Added save cards memcardfex upon closing if memorycards have been edited. Product codes can now be less then 10 character long but only if there is no identifier.

memcardrex 0.7

Right side of word textures cut off vertically. I have downloaded the correct drivers from the xbox website, the controller shows up in windows and can ,emcardrex configured devices and printers. When I start the scripts from I am running Version 2.

memcardrex 0.7

How to get sharpest picture? As you may or may not know DexDrive is a very quirky device and sometimes it just refuses to work. Added icon editor per TheCloudOfSmoke’s suggestion.

Added comments support for dexdrive memory cards. Formating a slot and saving card in.

Armoured fighting vehicle

Added preferences dialog where user can change settings. Upon opening cards will be saved to a backup 0.7 under the same filename. All original features still intact, plus two extra options to solve legibility issues with narrow marked Added support for InterAct DexDrive. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Armoured fighting vehicle – Bugnet Browse the Latest Snapshot. Thirty years of Super Mario bros!


Fixed error with the “format slot s memcwrdrex function some data was not deleted after formatting. Armoured fighting vehicle – Bugnet Armoured fighting vehicle.

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Now I have a collection of nice high res box art, but i need to somehow bulk rename every image to match the corresponding rom like Super 0.7 See post directly below for version 1. Check out “Hardware” directory included with MemcardRex. If the card could not be opened a more descriptive message is now shown.