Should we use EF4 alone or should we Migrating your code Preface With every release of the runtime libraries, designer and accompanying template sets new features are added and changes are made to fix bugs or design flaws. If you relied on the fact that the transaction started by the UnitOfWork2 object wasn’t autocommitted for you, you should change your calls to UnitOfWork2. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Craig 2 A lot of the breaking changes are made on the. Essentially it is selecting from the article table where the articles are not marked for deletion and joining on the

llblgen pro 2.6

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llblgen pro 2.6

I know in LLBL v2 it was, but in v3 there is no such option when selecting database type. In the DataAccessAdapterBase class the following methods have been refactored and now only one overload is virtual instead of all of the overloads.

llblgen pro 2.6

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. StampedeXV 1, 1 14 The normal llblge SetNewFieldValue 2 method is still available and not marked as obsolete. A normal delete without a delete restriction won’t throw this exception as no restriction has been specified. Validator classes are no longer generated by default.

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The correct total amount for the number of licenses you purchase is calculated automatically on the order page. If you were using these methods in your code, please change your code to use EntityBase 2. Now at home I also trying to understand the StreamT 1 3 To disable nullable fields pfo some fields, you llblgfn disable that for those fields in the entity editor.


A lot of the breaking changes are made on the. If your custom predicate inherits from this class, you can remove the ObjectAlias property from your predicate. See the table at the right for the price bands.

LLBLGen Pro – migrating your code.

If you’re using v2. Craig 2 Danil 1, 1 16 Saif Khan 9, 25 86 This is a change from v1. A modern and reliable ORM which gives you the power you need to fully utilize the potential of your application. Please read the following points carefully before any purchase: We tried to have as much backwards compatibility as possible so the selfservicing collections aren’t generic as in: Here is a direct path, to this section of the downloads.

It can be your code doesn’t compile even if you didn’t have any validator code in the validation classes before.

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In new code it’s empty, but with code generated by previous versions of LLBLGen Pro, it will contain the code originally stored inside the Validate method. This means that if you read that field’s property, you have to read the value into a Nullable of T typed variable as well.


CustomProperties property accessors and FieldCustomProperties accessors now work with Dictionary of string, string object custom properties and Dictionary of string, Dictionary of string, string and no longer with Hashtables. To generate the CommonEntityBase class automatically using your custom preset, you’ve to add a new task to that preset: If it does contain code you added previously, you can either copy the code over to the ValidationCode region or call the OriginalValidate method from an override of ValidateFieldValue to re-wire the original code to the validation framework.

This could lead to deserialization problems if you deserialize binary serialized predicates back which are serialized using older runtime versions.

This method has been moved to the new GeneralUtils class as a static method. Instead they expose PropertyChanged, a general event exposed by the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, peo is new in.

PredicateFactory class are no longer generated by default. The Hague, The Netherlands Joined on: