The same is true for modules created with JavaIDEdroid 2. The time logging starts when a project is opened and ends when you close the project or exit the APP. When the Logcat Activity starts, it scrolls down to the last marker so you can quickly skip the log entries you’ve already seen. If you changed your module salt, the hashes will not match anymore, but the APP will also check if the hashes match when using your previous module salt. Modules are protected with a hash value which is checked every time a module is loaded. When you change your script salt, you will need to re-approve all your scripts. It can also be used to see the help for the tools and try things out.


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The APP supports the ‘protected script mode’ which verifies the integrity of the scripts before executing them.

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Of course, this only works if you have checked the setting ‘Log output to file’. Creates a new directory below the selected directory Rename directory: Creates a new file in the selected directory Create directory: For security reasons the passwords are not stored persistently, but they remain cached until you exit the APP from the main menu or until you enter the Password Activity again.


The APP also prevents the execution of System. If there is a ivedroid NewFileTemplate in the project root directory or in the working directory under file-templates which has the same extension for example.


Alternatively, you can also dexify those classes on your PC and then copy them to the dexlibs directory of your project on your Android device PRO version only. This tab provides a direct access to the built-in tools without the need for a BeanShell script.

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But this might not always be successful. Getting started To get started, follow these steps: The result of the script execution is displayed in the ScrollView which has a context menu with following options:. Idderoid can choose any name you like, but it makes sense to name the the project and also the project definition file the same as your package, e. User defined global variable 4 JID.

If more than one app can handle this intent, you can choose from a list. The hash check ensures that the module’s classes have not been modified unauthorized. Scripts can return their result value here JID. Otherwise, it tries to sign with the defined user certificate. A value of KB should work in most cases.

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Of course, this only works if you have checked the setting ‘Log output to file’ The APP supports the “android. For some API levels you’ll find the android.


If you are not sure, it is more secure to re-create the module. All express, implied or statutory warranties, including idedorid implied warranty of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby excluded.



The modules are loaded dynamically and the integrity of the module is checked before every start of the module. The time log allows you to calculate the time you needed to develop a project.

In the PRO version you can define and manage any software projects e. These scripts should work for almost every project, because they get the project specific information from the currently opened project. On the next start of the module the APP will allow you to add a new hash.

You can reach the Password Activity from the main menu. Main Activity Java file: The complete output is copied to the clipboard Input to stdin: The default script expects the signing parameters in following variables: The path of the library directory, relative to the project root direcory, e. When the Logcat Activity starts, it scrolls down to the last marker so you can quickly skip the log entries you’ve already seen.

Tanapro GmbH Tom Arnwww. You can use the browse button several times to add more directories.