Anyone self-identified with this mind is a Buddha. When the mind sinks into dullness, raise attention above your hairline or before your eyes. Advice on the Practice of Zazen Magyar: If you put the images of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and Arhats there, all the devils and witches are powerless. Therefore the enlightened ones have appeared in the world for the one great purpose of having people realize the knowledge and vision of enlightenment.


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Its English name is magpie.

Once you have gone a hundred steps or so, your sleepiness should have vanished. Where is there any dust?

DenkĊroku | SOTOZEN-NET

This is the fine precedent set by practitioners of the Way. If you do this, the two Sunyatas non-ego will emerge, and the disturbed mind will be put at rests. If you once rest in this absorption, then you directly illumine the mind – so we realize it is the main gate to the way of enlightenment. The water in the ocean neither increases nor decreases, and the waves denkorku cease. In a clear sky there is essentially no inside and out denkkroku.

Finally he was able to repay his debt to his teacher by establishing the True Dharma of the Buddhas. Seeing that the moment had arrived, Prajnatara conferred the precepts and ordained the prince. Practice kinhin by clear waters and verdant mountains.



Sometimes you see through outside the room, sometimes you can see through your body, sometimes you see forms of buddhas or bodhisattvas.

Sitting is the way to clarify the ground of experiences and to rest at ease in your Actual Nature. You may sit in full or half lotus position; the way to sit in full denkoriku is to put the right foot on the left thigh, then put the left foot on the right thigh.

It is without struggle at all so is called Awakening or enlightenment. Record of denkoeoku Transmission of Luminosity, Chapter A good place to practice walking meditation is where there is clear water and green mountains.

The Denkoroku: or The Record of the Transmission of the Light

Remember the vow to end afflictions, the vow to realize enlightenment. Don’t be fond of preaching the Dharma as this leads to distraction and scattering. Superior work and illuminating sermon are all in the zazen. What are you doing sleeping when your eye of the Way is still denkoroki Supernormal powers and their inconceivable functions, emanating light and expounding the teaching are all in the act of sitting.


When sitting all the time rest the mind in the left palm. Like a mountain, like the ocean. The ears and shoulders, nose and navel, should be aligned. The mouth should be closed, while the eyes should be open, though not too widely or too slightly.


Koan Studies – Denkoroku koans

Therefore the enlightened ones have appeared in the world for the one great purpose of having people realize the knowledge and vision of enlightenment. Those who drnkoroku zazen single-mindedly consider everything from all angles before freeing senkoroku from good and evil karma.

Don’t study or practice too many things. It is not only bad for your body and mind, but also shows you are not yet free from greed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Do not eat anything alive, hard, or spoiled. Shishuang was like a gnarled dead tree. Do not be arrogant; do not be proud of yourself and of your understanding of dharma. He does not think about the excellence that even the Buddhas and patriarchs cannot transmit. The body-mind is represented as being made up of organs and functions corresponding to the four gross elements: